Understand yourself to love your best friend - YOURSELF

Love your true self. Has anyone ever told you, they love you just because of the real you? When was the last time you heard this? You may have heard, but it is a long time ago and now you do not remember. It may also be unheard of. So who said that what you think and feel is important to them? You may not hesitate to answer that: "No one." What about the last time someone said that you did a great job and lead you to a special place to celebrate your personal victories, simply because they know you deserve it. To Another sentence, the last time someone is YOU? Our first and last love is to love ourselves. Do not expect love or anyone to bring happiness to us. Because only you are the only one who decides it. If you cannot love, respect yourself, no one can do this. Love yourself enough to understand that when you change, it is good for yourself, not for someone else to tell you to do so. Life is short. Love is big. Live for meaning. Have you ever woken up and asked yourself: "What am I doing here?" And after a moment of meditation, your answer is: "Oh, do not know." We often think that time is long, and death is far away. But this life is not so, you may not believe it, your friend died from a traffic accident, but yesterday you two laughed with each other. Actually, time is not as much as we think, and death is very close to us. Maybe tomorrow will not come to anyone. So it's time to think seriously about what you want to do in this life. Nothing is predestined in the future. So how great are our successes, depending on the choices and actions of ourselves in the present? Anyway, we only live once. Make sure you are getting better and enjoy the full experience of life. The past is a wonderful gift. There are things you are holding until now you need to let go. You have to know what that is. Letting go does not mean forgetting it, thinking of it is as a gift, which you can open up to. You know that everything in your past does not belong to the present. If you are engaging in relationships or memories that have happened in the past, it means you allow yourself to be trapped in one dimension, one that no longer exists. Leaving them behind your back and moving forward does not mean that you've forgotten or completely forgotten the past. It just means you can live in the present. without relying on them. At the end of a road is the beginning of something more wonderful. Do not hold back the past. Do not hurt because the beautiful memories are no longer, do not indulge in it forever. Any fun party will end. But do not remove them from your memory. Hold it, love it, and cherish it. Then you can calmly put it in your gift box to tell yourself, "Send my past, thank you for all the wonderful lessons you taught me. Hello, I'm ready for the next step. " I live and I cherish every day that I am doing what I love, I appreciate the precious of meeting people. I am working hard to live up to the "today" so that every day I can think that today I have also added a step towards the dream.

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