After about a month of walking laps around my dining room table trying to work off the energy that had been built up my parents finally banished me, a water bottle, and a mask to the outside world until I had worked off enough energy to sit still. It started by going up a path that I used to take with my brothers when none of us could stand being trapped inside for a second longer, the memories around the path seemed to fit the way I felt so it didn't feel like a jump. But then there was an open gate to another path, one I had been warned to not go down since you could never be quite sure what people were down there. But I felt confident that I would be the only person on this walking path at one o'clock on a tuesday afternoon in 95 degree heat so I turned toward it. My guess toward who'd be there or lack thereof was correct as the only other living creatures I saw on my three hour long walk were the birds flying overhead and the ducks floating in the runoff of the rain storms we'd been having. It was the first sense of peace that had come over my body since the term Coronavirus had come over the news as a new flu going around in China. So I kept walking for as long as I could doing my best to hold onto the peace that I had been so desperately searching for for the last months. Movement became my escape in a way that it hadn't been since I was a small child who had been told to run laps around the field so I could sit still in class. So everyday after that I laced up my beaten down boots and no matter how unbearably hot it was I forced myself to walk. Forced myself into the one thing that would calm my racing heart.


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