UNLEASHING A BlBLICAL PERSPECTIVE TO JUSTIFY WHY POVERTY CONTINUES TO DEVOUR AFRICA. Are we evolving if we are still unable to break the vicious cycle of poverty that is prevalent in our society and is afflicting many households because of the obsolete values we still attach to money? Money is a is a high-pitched, and hypothetical statement that has hit the most Christianised continent for time immemorial. itʼs an economically subversive tenet that has for countless years blindfolded the African race, it has disempowered, and incapacitated our cognitive ability to critically refocus on building systems that would spur an economic transformation of our society. Instead, our minds are programmed to think in a manner that maintains us at a status-quo in every aspect of our lives. When you trace the problems that have continued to overwhelm and marginalize our society, you will realize that they are deep rooted in biblical disorientation, and the belief that money is evil bound. This biblical teaching in its inexplicit design and ambiguous nature has been a source of confusion to many believers who cogitate that any attempt to pursue wealth would ensnare one into sin and affect their spiritual destiny. Because the docile congregants in various places of worship were made to think that having passion for wealth would not qualify them for eternal life. This is an inherent societal norm encased in traditional doctrines of our descendants(fore parents)who were subverted and conditioned by their perpetrators to assimilate all their teachings many years ago during the juvenile stages of the 19th century when they were enslaved and terrifically wailed under the tyranny of their sadistic masters and rulers. Since then, Africa has never enjoyed its own space because someoneʼs ideologies, and hidden agendas conquered our mindsets. We are still twisted together, and scaffolded into their powerful influence, and control systems; In this digitalized century, we ought to fashion our moral values, and reconfigure our minds to download ideas that will catalyze change,and improve our livelihood. We need to launch a moral-based campaign to renounce all the highlighted literature that has for several decades affected our moral values, and financial perspectives. We need to project newly refined thoughts capable of redirecting, and redefining the future of our continent. Africa needs money, Africa needs power, Africa needs technology, Africa needs autonomy to self-perpetuate; but money anchors the later, it architects this triad of. The resonating question that puzzles us now is how best could Africa build and boost its economic base ? (This question is open to each one of us, it doesnʼt only require the perceptual inputs of economic analysts or policy makers in the field of economy, but rather everyone is given a platform to share their insight). However, lʼm strongly convinced that many of us will agree with the idea that we can remedy the challenges and evolve our economy through gross investment. My emphasis is that if we donʼt have money we shanʼt get power, and without power we shall always be dehumanized, and our rights shall be infringed on in perpetuity by our oppressors; if we canʼt stand and control how we co-evolve with our society, this will always give ground to the influx, and penetration of the aliens who have mastered the chauvinistic skills of degrading humanity. It will create a platform to facilitate their oppressive, and ridiculous interventions in Africa. Ultimately, we shanʼt experience a blossom of our expectations to restore the status Africa deserves and of which it was naturally designed to assume. I stress that in the current *e-world*our enemies use a trifold of baits to oppress and impose their dominion over our spatial territory; they use money, power, and technology but money is on their top priority list to impose their control systems; Nothing is incorrigible, we can forthrightly correct what overshadowed our ancestors and denied them the opportunity to predict that such literature would climax by belittling, blackmailing, and oppressing our motherland. Letʼs use the resources we can currently harness, and invest in business; get out of your penniless comfort zone, get a small loan, and kickstart a business, seek expert knowledge on how to grow, create more network, boost your productivity, improve your livelihood, break the dependence systems that confine our society under oppression, and build the capacity of your community to self-perpetuate! When they ask you tell them; Robert Ssekolya was the name that African nature baptised me upon flashing out of my mother's womb. For more info; WhatsApp: +256705862902 (with business account).

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