radhika bhandari

Kathmandu, Nepal

I would like to call myself a vivid dreamer living in imagination. An engineer to be, ambitious person who like to help people out. I have a dream of making world a better place. Lets unite for it.

Quiet yet expressive

May 30, 2018 6 years ago

I came back to my university to start my internship and was doing desk work for first two days. Kathmandu University has a serene environment that one can get lost to. Constant raining and loneliness on second day caused me to go around campus and stay close to nature. As I strolled around campus, a realization hit me. The realization of what I was before and how I was spending my time now. I sat on a chair in front of administrative building allowing my thinking to flow. I looked up and saw dark clouds moving in a strange fashion. It was changing its shape as it moved to cover the whole sky. It has been always satisfying to watch the clouds move at day and stare at night sky full of stars or moon. My eye shifted from the clouds to tall trees standing inside campus premises. They might have survived decades for I have seen them since my freshmen year. Same stand, up to now, now when I am about to graduate. This instilled another thought of me not being true to my intentions. I have been dreaming of being a successful person but have I done enough to pursue it? Rather than that I have been swirling in the cloud of procrastination. But those trees are so continuous in their work. It started getting windy and I kept on thinking, “wow! their tenacity”. As the thought process went on, I noticed a bird on the top of vertical tree branch where there was no leaves for about upto 75% of a metre. That branch was thinner than others and speed of wind went on increasing but that bird stayed still, didn't move at all. External factor didn't matter to that little bird. It had enormous willpower to stay there and it did. Again, my sight shifted towards the sky where in the midst of wind, few birds were flying to their destination. The wind was so strong that they were carried away with it at times. I kept clipping my hair into my hands to look at that sight. Finally, after some minutes, wind stopped and until then those birds already reached far towards their destination. Though the wind was strong to blow them away, they struggled towards their home and kept going. I was understanding role of determination and hard work in bad times and how it is going to affect our outcomes. It was dark till then and it was my time to implement these lessons in my daily routine. I returned to my hostel after having dinner with the thoughts playing in my mind.

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