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Chennai, India

Gomathi Sridevi loved to scribble on her house walls. Few years later, she started scribbling on her notebooks. At some point in time, her scribbling started to hold several meanings. She got excited and began writing. Right now she is a budding writer.


Finding Positivity

Jul 28, 2020 3 years ago

Is it weird if I say that I am happy being in quarantine? I don't think so, because I have been in quarantine for the past two years. I am stuck inside my house for the last two years, thinking hard what I wanted to do in my life. After completing my Sociology degree, I didn't want a job. I wished something more, my heart, said so. But I didn't know what to do. So I took a break. Break from everything. Would anyone believe me if I said I don't own a phone? Yes, I am twenty-two-years-old and I don't use a mobile. In college, I was distracted in studies only because of my addiction to the phone. I got first class, but I felt guilty. I knew my parents had high hopes for me, but I fooled them. So that was the main reason for me to throw my phone out of my life. The first month was not very good for me. I couldn't control my urge to open my mobile. But I thought the best idea would be to busy myself in some other things. My quarantine life was like my usual days before. I felt proud of myself since I developed a new hobby, that is, "Exercise." It made me sane, and I was happy that I was taking good care of my physical and mental health. I exercised every morning and evening. Sometimes I included Zumba to make it more fun. We won't give up if we do what we love. I could never hate music, and so I danced to the rhythm of the music. I helped my mother in house chores, of course not for free. And I started to tutor my neighboring children, whose schools were closed for now. Last but not least, my favorite hobby was to "Write." I started to write whatever stroke my mind and my heart, whatever I couldn't speak. It's been a year since I started my writing journey, and I knew I needed a lot of improvements. But I am getting there, and I have trust in myself. I started to show interest in reading books to develop my skills. These things showed a positive change in me. And I felt it. I know that I have finally come out of my addiction. Most people around me, including my family members are getting frustrated with the sudden pandemic. People are busy in doing TikTok videos, posting pictures on Instagram, and whining about the boredom. Can't they see what they have right now? Because I do. I see the free time that I am spending with my family. I rarely had time to speak with parents and siblings. And here my brothers were stuck inside one shelter, and I was more than happy. It's been a long time since we had seen each other. With work and busy schedules, they didn't visit our houses often. We ate together and spent the evening on the balcony. We fought and argued like our old times. Soon they would get married and have their own little family. We never know what the future has for us. But right now I don't want to miss what I have. I don't know when this pandemic will end. But I want to enjoy this little time that I have with my family. I hope people treasure this moment instead of hating it. It's not every day where we get to spend time with our loved ones. When we have it let's enjoy it before we regret it.

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