Working as a teacher since 4.5 Yrs

Bengaluru, India

Hello all. I'm here to follow my passion, and that is to write. I love writing short stories since i believe, it reaches to a greater audience. While i'm not writing, i prefer going to college.


A night to remember!

Nov 30, 2019 4 years ago

I had a dream. And that was, a dream of reality.



Jul 18, 2019 4 years ago

Teaching is my passion. I truly believe, this is the thing which makes me improve each day. If i can help a few by sharing my knowledge, then why not do it? It's been a tough journey since i took up teaching as my profession. But, not a day i'd regret it. I love what i do. Sometimes i look at other people working in IT's drawing more salary than what i do. In fact, my parents and relatives suggest me to join IT. But, on a serious note, i never had a second thought of taking any other profession. What matters at the end, is how happy and satisfied you're, not the money in your bank account.

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