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Hi my name is Chaimaa, writing helped me get over my pain .Writing about different topics makes me give my opinions about so many things . I hope that in the future I can write more about everything and have the ability to express my ideas .


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The boy who fed in nightmare.

Aug 07, 2020 3 years ago

The boy woke up from another awful nightmare. Bad memories from the past that he wanted to erase from his head were replayed in his dreams every night and hunted him nonstop. The boy was terrified of falling asleep. So one day he went to the witch and begged " Please get ride of all my bad memories , so that I won't ever have a nightmare again . Then I will do everything you ask." Years went by ,and the boy became an adult .He no longer had nightmares , but for some reason, he wasn't happy at all. One night a blood moon filled the sky and the witch finally showed up again to take what he had promised in return for granting his wish, and he shouted at her with so much resentment :"All my bad memories are gone but why....why can't I become happy?" Then the witch took his soul as they promised and told him :"Hurtful, painful memories , memories of deep regrets , memories of hurting others and being hurt , memories of being abandoned,only those with such memories buried in their hearts can become more stronger, more passionate and emotionally flexible and only those can attain happiness." So don't forget any of it .Remember it all and overcome it ,if you don't overcome it ,you will always be a kid whose soul never grows. NB: Based on a k-drama "Psycho but it's okay. "

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The unforgettable story.

Jul 24, 2020 3 years ago

A war has begun and the enemy was invisible . Countries closed their borders, the streets became empty, the life stopped ,everyone was afraid. After millions year the humanity never faced a dangerous enemy, right now that enemy is a virus. Covid-19 did appear in Wuhan, China back to 2019 , and everyone deny the reason. It keeps spreading all over the world, millions of people have died and more still suffering. Due to this most of countries started an emergency system like quarantine . My country (MOROCCO)reacted decisively to treat the situation the first step was to stop studies on march ,16 and declared a state of emergency , after 4 days quarantine has started , people left their home only for the necessity of cruelty . My family was afraid also others , the love of life kept people in their houses . The number of cases now is not that big ,thanks to the Moroccan authorities the death reached 292 (July ,23). Crises started and all sectors were affected , economics , tourism and others but the biggest aggrieved was the poor person who doesn't have the ability to exceed the damage even with the aid from the state . However , this can be resolved after the virus disappearance . But will people live in safety after this ? The main character in this story , the heroes are the doctors, we can call them angels, they worked night and day to help the patients , some of them left their home for months without seeing their family or kids , it was hard for them seeing people died without having the ability to help , like what happened in Italy ,a huge number of death by day give the impression that the human race will disappear by the end of the year , but the last few months hope is back , people in some countries are back to their normal life they are trying to survive with the virus . We can't deny the fact that the virus still present and still took millions of people life but those days will pass and we will comeback to our normal life , without fear . This virus helped the earth to get rest from pollution . For me , I could never imagine being in this situation , covid-19 thought me to recognize the gifts that I have like going out ,shaking hands and hugging others , breath fresh air without fear but I'm sure everything will comeback as it was . During the quarantine my family did have the ability to spend more time together , we helped my mom in the house work , my father was the only one who go out , my brother and I continued our distance education , it was really interesting thing .And I became a good cooker. After quarantine lift in some countries , some people didn't respect the state instructions like they don't wear masks anymore or don't leave distance between them and that is so dangerous. I hope that everyone is safe in their home and follow the health conditions to prevent infection with this virus . Let's pray for the world .🙏🙏

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Jul 21, 2020 3 years ago

Did you ever saw a flower who made her way between rocks? I'm sure you did .This view will tell you that you can made it just don't give up or even think of stopping.I know life wasn't that easier for most of people, those people who been tested by love ,fake friends, lost the most important things like their dreams ,I'm glad you are still here in this world I'm glad that your smile could made someone's day even if inside you there's a big bad war .I'm glad you are still hoping for things to become good I'm sure it will . Did you ever cry all night and feel that your heart want to go out? it's a bad feeling .I'm sure that this life didn't treat you well and make you think about giving up but you didn't because you are strong than this life you feel that something big will show up soon or later .Whenever you think of giving up remember the first thing that make you rise after your first fall .Because you deserve better .This world is full of bad people ,of negative energy ,of lies ,of fake relationships ,of broken hearts and lost dreams ,so please don't give up maybe you are more than that maybe you can make a change to this mad world,we all learned by the hard way.I noticed some people live in a good way like they didn't suffer but it's fine .You know the meaning of suffering is learning with tears all alone no one by your side .I've learned like this but day after day I become strong I know that nothing can break me now because I can give up in everything that make me sad or suffer . I won't accept anyone underestimating my pain I'm proud of my failure and my mistakes because they made me who I am now ,but I'm trying to learn from them that's it .I'm proud of my self so much and I won't give up .Promise your self that and keep trying harder. Some people can't share their pain or problems they keep them for their self ,those people live alone and they start loving their loneliness ,it's became like their family. Actually I'm not afraid of living alone without friend or some one I love, my family is the most precious thing .I realize that I couldn't look to others eyes because I'm so tired of seeing fake emotions and lies inside their eyes . We build a small house inside us and we live there alone until we die ,we escape from reality to our lovely house there where everything is fine . Hope everyone could sleep at night and have good dreams .

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