Life in quarantine...!

The sky is far, the Earth is hard.(Abdulla Kahhar) There is ending for everything, and there is also a cure lot every disease. Since the Covid-19 Coronavirus infection entered our country on March 15th, most of the time, nowadays every person thinks that the virus does not infect me? If you are thinking about it, it is normal. To some extent, quarantine is literally not an exaggeration if we say that humans have returned to each other affection, and, humanity, friendship and friendship. The daily routine of people changed, from morning to evening people who hurried to work complained that the road traffic was a lot of such as jams. They hated the lack of time for being with their family and children. The quarantine...... Not only in our country, but also in the whole world is suffering with this illness. All of the factories, means, manufacturing works, higher and secondary education institutions they all stopped for a certain period, even students who are studying in the primary class, our pensioners also fell and are grumbling about quarantine especially ads that were constantly given in the media, were exchanged for completely different ads, were exchanged for advertisement on compliance with hygiene rules and non-violation of quarantine rules. If we look carefully around, it is possible to know how intensified life is, while we are in quarantine, maybe we felt a little break. Scientists noted that during the quarantine it was found that the air was being purified, due to a decrease in the outflow of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Since the quarantine period was unknown, the use of Information Technology was improved, and in the field of education, the demand for online lessons grew. And the effectiveness of the lesson began to be determined by the built-in electronic instrument between the teacher and the student. This, of course, is the ground for both parties to increase their ability to use technology. Reform of all spheres of banking, socio-economic, legal and other spheres has become a step towards electronization. My profession is teaching, I am a teacher at school on the subject of chemistry. From the beginning of quarantine, I began to teach online my students, of course it's not like to go directly to the lesson in the classroom, topics to teach me students for clearly understand. Also in the quarantine period, Science Olympiads were held. My smart pupils have participated and achieved good results, and I have passed on to them understand the guide to participate in the online Olympiad. I also study at a graduate course in masters. We used online communication tools to summarize all our tasks, textbooks, research processes. Of course, a number of articles on the master's thesis in quarantine came out of publication in online scientific conferences and scientific journals. Sometimes when there was a boredom in the judge quarantine, I tried to learn English . The first and subsequent protection of my dissertation is also online (google was held through. I handed over my protective case at an excellent marks. Sometimes when I look through the window sill, my eyes fall on the fact that many people are in masks, gloves. Then I think, quarantine taught all the Uzbek people to talk at a distance, and not to greet even with a hand. Uzbeks mainly follow the religion of Islam. In Mohi Ramadan, Iftar, donations, tarawah prayers in mosques were not carried out with the public. This caused severe grief in the hearts of all our compatriots. Of course, their common dreams and their intention to ask God became the prayers that they prayed that the pandemic would end sooner. One day, as usual, I woke up early in the morning to feed myself with Ramadan fasting, and then I prepare for dinner and I eat. While having breakfast , I took my mobile phone in my hand and a message came from the channel of time power, which I saw with the eye of ne. Dear compatriots! Who ever has the opportunity to pray, wake up at 3:00 p.m. Tashkent time and pray the Tahaddjud prayer for the approval of Allah, all of us together ask for the end of the pandemic from the occult and the creation,โ€œ it was in the content. Oh! My heart took advantage of the opportunity, went away. After all, I think that if people draw enough conclusions because of the mistakes they have made for this reason, then in the future life they will have achieved much success if they do not repeat these mistakes. But after reading this message, I also wanted to join them and pray, striving to be fulfilled. Now, many medical workers are working hard for their patients, despite the high risk of contracting the disease. We must learn to appreciate the hard work of all selfless professionals. If we consider that the coronovirus pandemic is calling on all mankind to think and be vigilant, then of course it will not be an exaggeration.

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