Jahirul Haque Tamal

A dreamer who struggles for a better future

Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

Jahirul Haque Tamal is a Student, Studying at the University of Dhaka. Publication Secretay of "F.Rahman Hall Debating Club" and Organizing Secretary of "Management Web".

A Teacher ,An Inspiration

Jul 15, 2020 3 years ago

I was then in my first year of college. I was in the hostel then. Since my college is so far away from my home, the “Titus” train can be called my endless ally. The “Titus” train's crowd is less in the evening and I prefer the train ride than the bus. So my journey on the train is more. The time was winter, it gave us a public holiday. So, I wanted to go home and for this I went to the station a little later in the evening. But the train will take too long to arrive, it is a very slow train. It was a bit foggy that day but it wasn't too cold yet. The train will be late, so I left the main platform to walk. As I walking, I saw a man walking with some blankets and his face was wrapped in a sheet. He is walking with some blankets in one hand and giving these blankets to the poor people in the station with the other hand. I was really surprised to see the man's work, the man is great, he is helping people. These blankets will really help the poor people in this winter season as they can not afford to buy any winter clothes due to a lack of money. And surprisingly, he is giving in such a way that people do not recognize him, Helping people behind the scenes is a really great thing. By letting the man act like him, I did not go forward. I went back to the main platform. The train has not arrived yet, and I need to stand on the platform waiting for the train. After a while, I saw the man wrapped in a sheet coming towards the main platform. Standing alone at the station is very annoying. I had to look at something unnecessarily, so from a distance, I looked at the man, when the man was coming towards the platform, his face was not so covered, the sheet was slightly removed from the man's face. As soon as the man came in front of me, I tried to see his face, I was surprised to see his face well.I think it's our Popel sir, I saw it again, yes, He is my teacher popel sir. I was really surprised to see this, he is my teacher who used to give advice to help people in class and he is not just sitting on advice, he is doing it himself. That is so great. Then I was wondering whether I should go and call Sir or not, but I did not call and talk to sir because I should let him do what he wants to do in silence. But one thing I learned that day is that our teachers are not just teachers of books, The moral lesson I learned that day to help people through Sir's work is not to be forgotten, nor will I ever be forgotten.

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