Victim of virus

Chapter 1 -Doctor! We are losing the patient, his heart has stopped. -No! We must save him. Increase the amount of the medicine.Control the level of oxygyn. Ill massage his chest. -Ok. -Come on! guy, come on! You can live, please try, you must live. Give him a dose of immune injection. -Doctor! Stop! You did what you could do. He has died. We can not do anything anymore. -No! He must live, her mum is looking forward to see him, we shouldn`t be defeated this virus. Come on guy, you must defend virus. -Yes doctor but he died… You tried enough. Time of death is 22:14. -No.It is a pity. Don`t tell anything to his mum who is being treated in 38th room. She can`t endure her son`s death. Her health condion isn`t good. The doctor ordered nurses what to do and extra tasks and went to staff room upsetly. She was very depressed because of very difficult, panic-stricken and mournful results of coronavirus which is global problem without solution and fatal for the world day by day. The number of people who are suffering with covid-19 is increasing speedly, so doctors have had to work without day off and without going home. But it is not the worst, the worst is looking the eyes which are staring you with hope to live, hearing patients crying or screching with pain seeing the death which nobody wants and you can`t stop. People beg doctors to pull them through. But the fatal disease is eating more and more humans, although doctors and scientistis are trying hard to find cure even without any relax and put their life at risk. One of the devoted doctors is Sadokat Khudoyberdievna. Today is 13th day of her duty and during this period she has come across different heavy situations, she could cure most of people who had virus. At the moment she is thinking about the boy who has just died. He was is not old enough to die. He was brought to hospital with strong cough and high fiver, it means 38.8oC by his mother. As soon as he was registrated, he was placed in intensive care room and plug in breathing apparatus and watched his heath continuously. His mother was very worried and crying, she was begging: -Please doctor, save my son. I have only my son in my life, I lost his father many years ago and I have tied him very hard. If he… he.. I will die without any doubt. Please save him, I`ll bring all medicine what you need. The women was crying without stopping talking and she had difficulty to breathe while speaking. The doctor understand the woman also had virus and ordered her to take a test, After results she began to be treated too.

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