A letter to my future self!

On behalf of the author: "I saw what I showed in the picture above, by chance, and then immediately, telling my friend about it, we went outside and dived into the future to write a letter. I couldn't write it all right but that's one piece! God knows what is waiting me ahead of me! But then for some reason I couldn't send it, but I saved it, and the thought came to me to share this letter with you!" My precious future for me! It is now August 14, 2020! I think that when I read these posts in the future, all my dreams and intentions have come true and I will be reading this letter in the future, as I wish, in their embrace! My dreams are a world and they will definitely come true and I hope that in the near future I will remember this letter with a beautiful smile, bright memories! I want to play the lead role in the main character, 15-year-old Riri Williams, in this Marvel film studio's upcoming film, Iron Heart. This is one of my biggest dreams! And then I want to be as famous as Billie Eilish, with a good side and kindness from all hearts! And of course, I want to win world awards! Singing is a part of me, I love it so much! Then I can feel what I want! I want to be such a famous person, but I will not lose my identity even at such a high level! And then I will definitely do good deeds and spread my name through it! And then I want to live in the profession, at home, in the situation I want! In 2023, I want to get a grant to one of the leading universities in the world, to become a master of my profession, in short, to be the first master of this profession in the world, and all that I said will come true! As I read this letter, I remember writing with tears of joy to my dear friend Oysarabonu, and I said to myself, "Hope, you did it! You made all your dreams come true with your friend!" And then I will be the luckiest girl in the world! Healthy, lucky, perfect in every way! Then life awaits me as I wish! I will finish my studies with the best grades, without any problems and apply for a master's degree! But first of all, let's enter the lyceum in the first place and in the year! Then I will have that one, a modern, comfortable car for the future, and a 3-story, maybe even more, a house in the design I want it to be! And then I will have the kind of puppies I want! My parents and siblings will be great people! And then I travel around the world as much as I want to, of course in the winter and fall! Soon the Biopage page should have a contest answer and I will definitely win it, win the prize and do what I want! Then I take a musical instrument, write a song in English and start my steps towards fame! I believe that when I read this letter, all my intentions will be fulfilled with my friend and I will greet it with tears of joy, a smile !!!

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