My Kitty

\n\nThis is my beautiful cat, Reika. She is a huge comfort to me and I love her so much. She will forever be my only \"child\".\n\nI rescued Reika when she was only 4 months old in November 2009. This is how we met. I looked at her in her cage. She was tiny, but not too small. She was not much of a talker, but I knew she had her own way of communicating. Her eyes were her real voice.\n\nI knew she was mine the moment the attendant handed her to me. The moment we touched, \"the motor\" started up. Instant connection! That day, I was forever changed. This beautiful little kitten was mine, and we both knew it. The icing on the cake was the adoption was so smoothe and affordable.\n\nOn the way home, I stopped by to pick up some essentials for her. I had to leave her in the car, but not for very long. I had let her out of her cage, and she roamed around until she found\u00A0 a spot near the trunk. I was a little apprehensive about her proximity to such a tempting exit, but was relieved to find she was not one to bolt when a door was open. She was truly comfortable with me, and I her. We were truly meant for each other.\n\nWhen I got her home and settled, I immeadiately started taking pictures and playing with her. She had a sweet but wild side and I wanted to see what her boundaries were. She was a bit timid at first, but she got comfortable very quickly.\n\nI found my soulmate, my kindred, my familiar.\u00A0 We protect and love one another.\u00A0 She heals me when I am unwell, and I help her when she is uncomfortable as well.\n

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