Man I'll tell you, you have to be open to exploring new ways to do things, or you'll be stuck in a rut! I'm looking forward to having new adventures when the weather clears, riding my bicycle. But for now I'll still be walking. I have seen others riding their bikes. Yesterday as I was walking I saw a volleyball being used as a basketball. I didn't even think about getting a photo of that! I have been stuck in a rut myself with my tags I use, because I hadn't discovered how to add other appropriate tags. Oh, I've used one or two others somewhat by accident, without really understanding how I got to them: I now believe I'll be able to find others to use at will! How, some of my readers may wonder? I discovered this morning that by entering a single letter multiple tags appear to select from. By exploring different letter entries I'll discover more tags I can use. My wife is learning new ways to teach her students and to interact with them online. I'm learning new ways to use my cellphone camera and the necessity of managing my photos so that I can find them later without having to search through more than 20,000 photos! The photo I've chosen only took seconds to find, even though I took it months ago and have taken thousands since! What new ways have you either chosen or been forced to learn?

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