Slow Progress

Continuing the process of creating folders and organizing my photos, first on my phone and now on my laptop. I think because it is much easier to do on my phone perhaps I'll just continue to do it there and then delete all photos from my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from my laptop before copying all folders to the laptop again. That would make a cleaner set of files and make it easier to find a particular photo. But for now the photos on the laptop will remain as they are: around 90 folders and 8,900 unsorted photos. On my phone I can select and move several hundred photos at a time. On my laptop I can only select and move a few single photos at a time, attempts to do more result in unintentional copies being created, adding time needed to delete those. I have 8,163 photos left on my phone to organize. Once I'm caught up with sorting I'll continue the process, updating the laptop every month or so. In my photo here, can you spot the flying bee?

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