Biopage Mini-Essay Writing Contest

We are in the age of social media. It is everywhere, around us, mostly pictures and videos. Not enough words, sentences, paragraphs ... To communicate with clarity and depth, nothing is better than the real language, with words. Biopage is hosting a writing contest to remind people the benefits of writing. Write something, write anything. It doesn't need to be long, actually we limit it to 5,000 characters or roughly 1,000 words. You can win $1,000 and three runner-ups can win $200 each. You can write about good life experience, or embarrassing, frightening experience. You can write about relationships, boy or girl, man or woman, romance or just friendship, your boss, or a wired situation. You can write about your interests, tennis or golf or baseball, music or video or movie or games, and books! You can write about childhood, school life, college, and that job you love or hate. And traveling of course, you can write about your favorite city, or countryside, and the best place for vacation. How to enter: 1. Register for an account at (or download and register on iOS or Android app). 2. First complete your profile, please write a biography to introduce yourself, this is very important. And make sure to upload your profile picture and background piacture. 3. Click “Update”, and post your essay there. A title of the essay is required, and an image or video will help you stand out. Copy the web address of the post. 4. Come back to this page, and click “Enter the Contest”, and paste the web address of the post. 5. Share your essay with your friends, ask them to like and comment. 6. Download Biopage app from iOS App Store or Android Google Play. The winners will be determined by the quality of the writing, and the votes by other users' likes and comments. The contest is open to anyone from everywhere, every country, every corner of the world. The last contest ended August 31, 2018. A new contest will start soon.

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