My wonderful life experience

As I have reached to a teenager's life, I had many good life experiences. But, these experiences are just a play and I was just fun for a moment.My life became a little bit change when I started attending University. I faced a lot of experiences. My wonderful life experience is how I became change. I have never thought that my life would turn out that way because it looks like a movie. I will always remember this kind of experience. I like to compete and challenge with different kinds of people. Last year, I participated in i-Prepare Essay Writing Competition which was held by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center. The participants had to write research essay. My good life experience began at that time because all of the things I faced are biggest challenge and first time for me. I knew that I couldn't write that essay only by sitting at home. So, I went to different places where I could get enough information to prepare for my essay. Although I was tired and the time was hard, the experience was amazing. The goal of my essay is to gather the data and information which are very important to reduce the natural disasters in my country. As I am very interested in making research and communicating with different people, that moment was really fantastic. I visited to rural areas and asked the local people how they prepared for disasters. I made new friends and got a lot of knowledge in that area. Some of them showed me the ways how they reduced the natural disasters like flooding, storm and earthquake. Although it is not well-equipped, I thought it was useful. I took the photos and videos which would be useful for my essays. I would never forget that kind of moment preparing my essay. After all, I smoothed my essay about two weeks and I submitted. After few months later, they announced that I had won in i-Prepare Essay Competition as a 2nd runner-up. I saw that announcement on Facebook and I was very happy. Then, I got the invitation letter from a Chief Executive Director of Asian Disaster Preparedness Center. I was invited to Nay Pyi Taw which is the capital city of my country, Myanmar. That moment was good and unforgettable memory. They arranged all of my accommodation, transportation and meals. In the city, I did shopping and visiting around.After that, I achieved the certificate and my 2nd runner-up prize at the hotel's grand ballroom. At the ceremony, I talked with the Manager and Executive Director from ADPC and they offered me a chance to serve as an intern in that organization. I accepted that internship offer and started my career. That moment was short for me but it actually a long time. During my internship period, I also have many experiences. All the things I faced are very new for me. But, I became more confident and motivated at my office. I traveled to many places sent by my office.I learnt a lot and also my skills are much improved. Time was flying so fast at that time and all the experiences I had are unbelievable. I had many memories and good partners. After my internship period had finished, I continued making research about my country economic, disasters preparedness and reduction, parliament and politics. On the other hand, I also served as a volunteer in my university's department. I helped in making conferences between my department and other foreign departments. I followed my passion and dreams. The moment started from winning Essay competition, all are unforgettable. The things that I interest are computers and technology. I like playing video games especially action, adventure and sports. There was no much else to do after my internship. So, when I had a free time, I mostly play games. I also traveled a lot and my life was joyful. I continues my college and sometimes served as a volunteer. During serving as a volunteer, I met a lot of people from different countries. As I love making new friends, that was very good for me. I will always remember that kind of experience. From this experience, I have learnt what I need to do and what I have to do. I hope this experience make my life better. So, I think this experience is the most wonderful that I have ever had.

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