Seven days

Monday, let's go to school. Is it online today? Not sure, let's check. Now I'm late. Pulling on my socks, I run to get my shoes, skipping breakfast today. Run down the street, just in time, not late, not today. I enter class and slave away, listen to teachers, but stay away. We must be safe, don't forget. Tuesday. Got up early today, online today. I made toast for breakfast while in class. Camera off, they won't know. Scrambling through books, did we learn this? I don't recall. I'll just ask a friend. It'll be fine. Wednesday, back to physical school. It's not fine. We had a test today? No one told me. Or perhaps I wasn't paying attention. I study history during maths. Hope I don't get caught, am I out of sanitizer? This test seems hard, I don't know any of this. Is it just me? No, everyone else seems lost too. Thursday, almost done. Online once again. Text friends and don't pay attention, I should pay attention. I'm bored, should I eat something? No, not hungry. What to do, what to do? Grab a book, take a look. What's going on? I'm lost again. Friday! Giddy to get to school, I'm early today, suppose I should study. Ding, ding, ding. There goes the bell. Time to go to class, my mood dampens. Test results? Already? Oof, that hurts, did everyone else fail that badly? No. How did they do so well? Is it something wrong with me? No. Not the worst, but still not good enough. Did someone cough? What to do, what to do? Saturday, I'll rest today. Eat some chocolate, I feel depressed, or is it stressed? Somewhere in between, I think. I need to study, I do. But now I feel too lazy, maybe I'll feel motivated tomorrow. But for now, I'll relax, watch a movie perhaps? Sunday. I have to do work today. I must. Look through my notes, incomplete as they are. I'll watch a video, informational of course. No, this isn't working. what do I do, what do I do? I'm lost, lost, lost. I need to study, I must. I find myself thinking, collapsed on the floor, I have school tomorrow, what a bore.

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