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Life During COVID19

Jul 16, 2020 3 years ago

Noise of the television woke her up. It was 11a.m, but she was used to waking up this late since the lock down. "Ah yes, Dad must be watching the news and these days COVID 19 is all they ever talk about."Emma thought to herself. Emma's brother Andrew mocked her for waking up so late again. Ignoring him, she started complaining about the loud television sounds that woke her up. "Your dad just wants to be aware in this troubling time dear,"said Emma's mom. "Alright, I think it's almost time for grocery run of the week. Make a list and I'll get them." Emma's Dad said. Andrew replied "Don't forget to wear your mask and practice social.." "DISTANCING", Emma interrupted, "Yes Andrew, Dad knows." Emma's dad came back from the grocery store in the evening. "Em, come on dear hurry downstairs, we need to sanitize the wrapping stuff," Emma's mother called. "Cleaning up one bag at a time takes forever. I'd rather eat the virus," said Emma. "Now Em, you know your grandma doesn't like it when you talk like that." said Em's mom. Emma's grandmother lived with them since they were little and she had a big part in raising Emma and Andrew. She was on a wheelchair, which she had been on for the past 2 years. Every night before she went to sleep, she would call Emma and Andrew and instruct them to wash their hands regularly and practice social distancing. "Em!" , Grandma called. "There we go again,"Emma complained,"It's always the same thing with her, I'm so tired of having to listen to her instructions every night." "Come on Em, Grams called us with such love, don't be so grumpy," said Andrew. They both listened to her before going to bed. Andrew liked staying around Grandma and actually enjoyed her stories, despite them being repetitive.This lock down was the most time he got to spend with his Grams, listening to her stories and telling her his high school stories. "Kids! I'm thinking we should get tested for COVID 19", their dad said in the evening time that day. They all got tested, the result would be out the next day. "We were all pretty careful and followed every precaution for the virus, I'm positive that none of us will be positive." Andrew laughed on their way back. Test results were out the next day. Emma came downstairs in her usual time, when she heard someone crying outside. She went to see what happened and to her surprise saw Andrew crying. "What's wrong?'', she looked around, "Where's Grams?'' Andrew continued crying. "Andrew! Why won't you answer me?'', asked Emma. By Andrew's side was a piece of paper, she picked it up and saw what looked like a blood test report. It was Grandma's COVID test result and it was positive. She now understood why Andrew was crying. She started looking around the house for her Mom and Dad. "Andrew!", she asked, "Where are Mom and Dad?'' Andrew replied,"The paramedics came here in an ambulance and took Grams and did not let us go with her. Mom and Dad are now following the ambulance. She went up and called her mother who told them they put Grams in an isolation ward of the hospital. They were not allowed to go in her room. Emma could not believe all this. Their parents came back home later that night. "How is Grams? Where have they taken her?", Andrew asked his parents. "In the isolation ward," his dad replied, "They only allow health care professionals inside." Emma cried,"I did not even see her yesterday. When will she come back dad?'' Their dad was silent. "Dad, Why aren't telling me? Did the doctors there say anything?'' Emma asked. "They said she's under professional care and right now all we can really do is pray that she gets well and comes home soon." They were all in shock. "They said the virus spread to her lungs and now they put her on artificial ventilation,"their dad told them the next day. Emma cried again on hearing this, "I cannot believe this is happening," she cried. Emma reflected upon all the time she could have spent with her Grams. The next morning, they made it to the hospital early only to realize it was too late. Grams had passed away that very morning. The doctors told them they tried everything but she could not make it. They all burst out in tears. "We did not even get to say good bye", Emma cried. "She did not even seem sick to me," said Andrew, "she made us all so happy we did not even realize she was sick." Few weeks passed, and the lock down still had been going on. Both Emma and Andrew started volunteer work for making masks and giving them away for free. Losing a person so close to her made her realize that COVID19 was no joke. The whole family went through a massive turning point in their lives. Emma no longer complained about staying home and instead, realized it was a blessing to have her family in good health around her. All this made her realize this lock down was a blessing. The whole family prayed for Grams and remembered her in their best wishes.

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