A Color A Day

  If days had colors, today would definitely be orange. I don't know why, it was the only color that popped in my mind when I thought of that.  It had both good and bad sides so I decided not to give it a pink or a white, but also not a black. It was not a day so light yet so dark. Orange is good I guess.   Since my childhood, I like drawing and painting and creating a whole eternity that certainly clears my mind and help me get through a lot of things. When life is not that good I usually find a way back to my pencils, to a new world with only colors and happiness. It's like writing to me, I feel like I'm expressing a lot through the lines I draw. Even if my art doesn't seem perfect it isn't a big deal because whenever I draw or paint I come to a whole new world which enhances me with its fascinity and beauty, I find my lost parts there. Besides, it helps me get a more healthier mind and encourages me to move on from all the bad things happened in past. That's why I find it so comforting to make art, art itself is a magical thing. It shows us, people.   Update: Well, maybe orange was a bad choice for today cause now I kinda feel like it can be more of a brownish color. I had bad news lately. But I'm trying to see the good sides of it. Honestly, it's pretty difficult right now to focus on positive things, unfortunately sadness has a deep affection on me and I'm still learning how to get along with it. But whatever, let's keep on my writing.   For me, art is not a thing that only appears in museums, galleries, etc. It is a thing which we carry with us on the street, in the park, at the mall, in our own home; art can shelter in different places at different times. When you see a bird flipping its wings, it's art. A cat climbing upon a tree is art. Pouring rain is art, heavy rain is art and rainbow is art. Two people hugging each other is art. Love is art. Feelings are art when they are meant to be and this is how it is so never forget to involve art into your life cause when you look carefully around yourself, you'll find different types of art and you'll realize the inner beauty of things. In art, you'll find yourself.   So whenever you feel low and try to escape from things, just remember the colors. Give each moment a color to remember. They all lead you to a huge rainbow and that rainbow is your life with all the colors in it.

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