Do you see a sunset everyday? It's really amazing, right? Imagine how beautiful it is to see that kind of beauty everyday. I love how sunset perfectly fits to the edge of the world, creating a very wonderful color in the sky and giving us a reason to think about how beautiful the world is. Imagine how lucky are we to witness this beauty every single day. I'm beyond grateful that I see this everyday and I'm so glad to share with all of you, my readers, how deeply in love I am with the sunset. Truly it is a gift -- a great present from the One who made us all. Not only a gift that we can see but also a gift and an everyday reminder to think that there's always a beauty in every end. It's been five weeks and our city is still under quarantine. No outdoor activities, all companies are closed, transactions are postponed, everything is limited. Though our government is handling the situation well, it's still a little hard to swallow the reality of what is happening not only in our country, but also in almost every part of the world. This virus that caused the mess in every part of the world, a thing that brought us fear, a problem that made us think of how should we solve it, and a trauma that will remain forever in our heads. Some blame certain people, some think that this is just a challenge that the world is now facing, some thinks that this is our "karma". For two weeks of being a house person, I saw a lot of opinions, theories and other statements regarding this problem that we're facing right now. For the past few days, I think a lot about this virus issue. There's a lot of "what ifs" going inside my mind. But one thing is standing out from the rest - "What if the world is doing its way to heal?". It may be weird, right? But I find this thing interesting. Well, honestly I'm a fan of conspiracy theories but I'm also pretty sure that there's always an explanation for everything -- bizarre or weird or real, there's always an explanation. After I gathered almost all of the opinions, sides, and views, reading some articles and news, I ended having only one thing on my mind and my conclusion list. I respect everyone's opinions and beliefs. But this is for me, my personal opinion. I think we need to pray and help one another. I know that there's a scientific reasons why is this happening to us. All of this will come to an end because we will make it. As you can see, everything in this world is like a day in our lives. Just like sunset, all things will come to an end -- but before the end, we have to realize how important it is to survive in a day. Remind yourself of all the things that made you realized how blessed you are that you're still here, fighting and living your life. The problem that we are facing right now will soon come to an end. This virus that killed a lot of people. Brought us fear and made us stay in our homes for a while. This thing that made us realized that it's not too late to help one another, to show love to each other, to give care and show our concern to everyone, the caused of all the problems but gave us a reason to be with our family, to appreciate little things and the reason why we are now unified.

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