Pandemic story or how I started a new life

You never know what will come tomorrow: new difficulties or a new victory This story of a new life began in early spring, when a carefree medical student working part-time as a nurse heard about the quarantine measures. For someone the pandemic turned out to be a strong blow to health, for someone to finances, but for me personally, the pandemic turned out to be a «second wind». Every reader will ask how it turned out to be a «second wind». Everything is initially simple - I changed my life, which I dreamed for so long. Let me introduce myself, I'm Farhod Kholikov, I'm from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, I am a 4th year student at the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute and this is my story about the role of the pandemic in my life. Let's get started Reading. To be honest, during of my boring life I've read about 7-8 books, not including in this list the literature that each of us reads at school (Pushkin, Gogol, Bulgakov, Shakespeare, Exupery, Hugo, etc.). I was not particularly distinguished by my love of books, because I was one of those people who write myself. While still in school, I wrote poetry and wrote stories. But the pandemic has drastically changed my "dislike". Leafing through the pages of social networks on the Internet, I came across an amazing dystopian novel by G. Orwell "1984". I was so carried away by reading this novel and amazed by it. I began to search the Internet for other similar novels. The next was A. Burgess's «Clockwork Orange». These two novels made me think about being, human essence, the mistakes of consciousness and worldview. Then I started on Fitzgerald's «The Great Gatsby», the denouement touched my heart and I could not hold back tears. Reading led me to the second stage Social network. After several novels, I began to write notes for myself in the form of reasoning about the world, about the value of life. My girlfriend accidentally read my notes and insisted that I open a channel in Telegram (a social network like WhatsApp in the CIS) and publish my notes there. At first, I was against, "who wants to read my mind?". She convinced me. I started writing, looking for interesting facts, videos, pictures and music from the Internet and publish them on my channel. People liked my publications. I noticed the strangeness - people began to share my posts, and they scattered very quickly, but few people subscribed to me. I was not discouraged, and began to spread even more. Now I have 36 subscribers, but views of my posts range from 200 to 500 people. For me it is a victory Sport. Even in the 1st year of my studies at a medical university, I had a desire to start going out to run in the morning, but every day I put off until tomorrow, Monday or the next month. It has continued until the pandemic (4 years). Quarantine measures were strengthened in the spring, people were forbidden to go out. At the same time, I was reading The Great Gatsby. In the end, there was Gatsby's daily routine, where I saw the Sport item. Soon at the end of spring, the quarantine was lifted. Without hesitation, I bought a bike via the Internet and started my morning exercises on May 27. I got up early, prayed and went outside with my new bike at 4:30 a.m. It was dark, but nothing could stop me. The first 500 meters were the most exciting. I finally got down to something that I had dreamed about for a very long time, and there were thoughts in my head: “How long will I drive on the first day? When will I be exhausted?" I set a goal to get to my institute, which was located 3.5 kilometers from my house. On the first day, I did not reach it. But this failure gave me motivation to achieve results on the second day. I still go out early in the morning, and in addition to cycling, I started to do pull-ups on the horizontal bar (now 20 times) Religion. The last and very important victory for me is my faith, worldview and understanding of the values of life. The book - the Quran (consist of 114 suras), also led me to this. I am a Muslim, and for us the most important source of knowledge is the Qur'an, where the orders, rules and goals in the life of every believer are sent down. My favorite point in religion is learning. God loves those who do not stop in development, who improve every day, who get to know this world and science. As a child, my grandmother taught me 5 suras. Now, thanks to the pandemic, I learned 10 more. The suras are written in Arabic, which in turn gave me an incentive to learn a new language. I have not yet started this, now I am studying Spanish. I want to travel the world. Spanish will help me to visit South America, Europe and get to know this world better, learn the culture and traditions of different nationalities The pandemic played a great role in my life, thanks to which I shaken off the dust and started growing. Now I have a goal - to receive the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine, and I will go to it. I know that the path of life is full of difficulties, and I will come to my goal


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