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From dark to light

Jul 18, 2020 2 years ago

Lockdown… What is it? A punishment? An unfortunate accident? An exam? Or maybe, a blessing? Who knows… People all over the world have different opinions regarding the issue of the quarantine. While some people of religion think that it is a punishment for what we have done on the Earth so far, the rest are saying that the lockdown is a testing period – our patience and gratefulness is being tested. There are some more people who say that this whole COVID-19 case is a result of human's careless and ignorant attitude. It has been only three-month lockdown, yet enough negativity was able to be spread all around the world. We hear rumors of situation worsening; we watch the number of infected people increasing; we witness more people dying; we see tons of stressed out people; we experience financial instabilities; we are becoming anti-socialistic… After all of these, it seems that COVID-19 lockdown has not a positive thing in it. So felt I in the first two months of the lockdown. However, let me shed a light over what the lockdown thing brought to my life – actually, to all of our lives. First of all, before lockdown, we had been ignorant to quite a lot of our family issues, and now we just cannot – there is no office or school to flee away from the problems. The only option left is to deal with those problems. Consequently, we are literally regathering with our family members, we are rediscovering the personalities of our close ones. These lead to strengthening family bonds, which, previously, was weakened by the study or career matters. We became more alert, more sympathetic, and more encouraging to each other. With one sentence, the true value of having a family has reappeared. The second main thing to mention is related to the lifestyles. We have become more conscious about how they deal with different resources they have. People think before throwing food into the trash can. They are more attentive to the electricity, gas or water usage on a daily basis. They are more careful with budget allocation – they think thoroughly before spending on anything. They try to recycle things on their own. For instance, instead of buying cold water every time they want, they tend to refill the used bottle and put it in the fridge. We have switched our lifestyles into more economical one. Next big change is definitely related to the environment – our surrounding. Because of the lockdown, there are less traffic and exhausting fumes on the streets. Fewer number of worldwide mobility – very few flights or travels are arranged. As a result, the air is fresher and cleaner. In addition to this, except SpaceX, there has been not even one spaceship that is launched and tore the ozone layer. Moreover, a recent study has shown that ozone layer is healing and the threat of global warming has decreased significantly during these three-month period. Another point, which seems to be less significant, is that people have time to relax and enjoy. The message I want to deliver here is that people freed themselves from stressful and strictly scheduled life. To illustrate, nowadays, many people enjoy DIY pools or gyms, or have time to renovate their houses, which was originally planned, maybe, two years ago. People have time to do their favorite activities or hobbies, for example, drawing, fixing, reading, writing and etc. Although it has much more contributions to our lives, let me describe the positivity of the COVID-19 lockdown in my own life. From childhood, I am given some artistic touch in my soul – I love writing stories, poems, and drawing. Unfortunately, because of my huge-sized study materials, I had no time to do my favorite activities. Yet, I have both time and enthusiasm for them now. In fact, they are my stress relievers. Plus to this, I am accomplishing my dream of learning to play on guitar! Also I am teaching my siblings foreign languages, helping my friends to deal with stress they are currently having, and trying to be with my close ones as much as I can… I may need extra fingers if I want to count all the awesomeness happening in my life. Instead, I want to highlight one statement: “Spread positive to receive positive”.

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