Bittersweet day

The most awaited day has arrived: The graduation ceremony. Excited to receive my high school degree, I woke and prepared myself with enthusiasm. I practiced my speech all the way to the ceremony. As I arrived I saw all my classmates with their families, teachers, and special guest there. We took pictures, talked, and shared our experiences in our professional practice while waiting the ceremony to begin. "Good afternoon" ...and it started. The principal was introducing the staff and began to call our names in order. "Sabrina Rodriguez first place of honor with a grade of (4.78) she's an excellent student and brilliant girl", the principal said; Sabrina was smiling, she approached to the microphone and gave some words. After she finished the principal continued: "Aya Saleh second place of honor with a grade of (4.73) she's a cute, creative and kind girl", I got elated when I heard my name. I walked toward her and received my diploma and gave some words on behalf of the senior class: "It was not easy to be here, but we did it! Everyone of us did our best, and I'm proud of that, so I exhort you, my classmates, to continue with your studies. Never give up! Don't have dreams, instead, set it as a goal to achieve. Life is a blank canvas and it must be painted by us; no one can design our canvas better than ourselves. Everything depends on us. "These were my brief words and I returned to my sit. The ceremony continued, school gave us gifts, roses, and prizes; the representative of the ministry of education gave us motivational words. "There's a scholarship I want to give in the name of the ministry of education", when I heard this I was amazed. Sabrina was called. Everyone was wondering if I will be called next but it didn't happen. In that moment I wanted to cry because it was my only option to continue with my studies. All my hopes came to the floor because my parents don't want to support me, they just want me to get marry because of our culture but I don't want that. I want to continue learning, graduate from university, get a good job and enjoy life. But that moment changed my life. That's why it's was a bittersweet day. Nowadays I'm saved because of quarantine. Everything happens because for a reason. Maybe life is giving me an opportunity to seek for a way to get out of this, continue my studies and get a better life.

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