A Journey of Friendship and Resilience

Hello, everyone! I'm Khabibullokh, a 19-year-old from Uzbekistan, and I want to share a memorable experience from my life that happened last year in 2023. It's a story about my journey to the United States for the Work and Travel program as a J1 student. Getting the visa was a dream come true, but the reality hit hard when I had to fly 16 hours from Tashkent to New York all by myself. The 9-hour time difference was challenging, and I had no one to guide me. No friends or family waiting at the airport, but I embraced the challenge. I found a taxi, booked a hotel, and took a few days to rest. Soon after, I headed to Massachusetts for my primary job at Dunkin' Donuts as a cashier. I loved working there, giving it my all, helping my colleagues, and having a great time. But as weeks passed, I realized living in the US is expensive. I almost depleted my savings on rent, food, and transportation. It was time to find a second job. I applied everywhere, from stores to pizza places to restaurants, but no one was interested without a social security card. Panic set in as my funds dwindled, and I felt trapped. One day, on my way back from Dunkin', I stumbled upon a store in Falmouth on Main Street called Dogz and Hogz. There, I met Michael Bullard, an older gentleman, and his wife Linda Bullard. Michael was busy making delicious hot dogs. I explained my situation, having no money, and he generously gave me some hot dogs for free. We chatted, became close friends, and I found the lifeline I desperately needed. I mentioned my job struggles and the lack of a social security card, and to my surprise, Michael said, "I don't care about your social. Don't worry." I was over the moon! We started working together, making those delicious hot dogs, and Linda even helped me with my social security number. The Bullards became the only people who helped me in this tough time. Working with them was incredible. We not only had a blast making hot dogs but also enjoyed other activities. They bought me jeans, food, and took me to gingerbread houses and even a yacht. They paid me generously and treated me like family. These kind-hearted people are truly brilliant, and I am forever grateful to them. So, to Michael and Linda Bullard, thank you for being my saviors in a foreign land. Your kindness and generosity turned a challenging time into an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Uzbekistan anytime!

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