My blue-eyed friend

Now a disease is raging in the world, which has taken many lives with it. Before quarantine I made friends with a new girl in my class. She was beautiful, unusual, she was bright and amazing as a black sheep. Quarantine has been announced. I was bored and also felt blue , because I couldn't get along with twins. But..... One day I got a text message from my friend. I was surprised, she did not write me for a long , probably two weeks. However, she did not give me an explanation for such a long absense. It turns out that I have to complete five tasks that she wants. I agreed. At first message she said me that I should read " Little women" by Louise May Alcott. At first I didn't want to, I thought why should I read an old book, but then.... It turns out that my friend is very much like Jo, but she is more festrained. In my opinion , she also has the quality of Meg and Amy, especially Beth. I even remembered the quote :" When you feel unhappy think about what you have and be gfateful for it". But I understood the meaning of this words much later. The second assignment required me to watch Japanese anime " Grave of the fireflies". In order not to offend my friend I watched. After watching , I couldn't stop the tears. Probably, this wonderful cartoon opened the way of animation and the world of Hayao Miyazaki to me. Once it was announced that we will study at a distance , that is at home. Arter this announcement the third task came immediately " Learn to solve logatithms". I was having big problems with math. I couldn't figure out how to dolve logarithmic equations. But my friend.... She perfectly explained this topic to me , even with SMS. My friend... She did not answer the phone , even her parents ignored my calls, because of this I was very worried. When I asked why she wasn't answering my calls , she just changed the subject. But I knew that something was wrong with her. The fourth task came in which it was said that I should get along with the twins. Well, I thought it was impossible. Finding a common language with the little sisters was a real torment for me. They were capricious, cried a lot and threw their LEGO everywhere. Of course, my friend sent me "Step -by -step instructions" and it helped me to get along with them. I waited three days for the last task. This assignment was sent as a package. Opening the box, I found watercolors and brushes. She wanted me to learn how to paint with watercolors. It was difficult for me, because I drew only with pencils. My friend didn't answer me. I called her non-stop, but it was all in vain. But once her father answered me and said.... I couldn't believe it. How could this happen? Eventually, during the quarantine I learned to read the world classics, during the quarantine I opened the world of Hayao Miyazaki, I learned to solve logarithmic equations , I was able to get along with my sisters..... During the quarantine I lost my best friend. My blue-eyed friend suffered from endocardial fibroelastosis, which made her a target for the coronavirus. I would like to thank her for opening up a new world for me. Zarifa( Tooth fairy)


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