A Dream That Can Be Read

Once when I was working on my public group on a social network, I found a quotation of Nadeya Yasminska, a Belorussian writer, ‘Each of us faced a miracle... on the other side of a book.' We all know about the influence of books on a person, the importance of reading and the value of literature. However, I searched through the Internet to find some real stories about how books had changed people lives. I faced a lot of information. I read the stories about how books had helped to change a profession and to change a person himself; thanks to a book, someone had become a vet, someone had found bravery to start a business and someone had defeated the disease; I faced too many stories about how a book had helped to build relations and even one story about how it had destroyed them… I asked myself, whether I had a special book that had made an influence on my life and me. As long as I can remember, I was fond of literature starting with the fairy tales that firstly I was read by my mother and completing with the novel that I finished last week. Nevertheless, to a certain moment it was difficult to me to choice one book that would be really special. The situation was changed in 2016, a year when there was born a book, about which I want to tell. This story started at the beginning of 2016 when a famous Ukrainian poet, the chief editor of ‘The Dnipro', and the founder of the web-site ‘Poetry Club' Evgen Uhnytsya proposed to take part in creating a book of poems devoted to women. The book was planned to be published prior to the 8th of March when in Ukraine the International Women's Day was celebrated. They announced a competition. I found the announcement by accident and decided to participate. By that time, I had written poems, but I hadn't had any one about a woman. Therefore, I started my work purposely for the competition. Once Anna Akhmatova, a famous Russian poet, was asked a question of whether it is difficult to write poetry. She smiled and answered, ‘What's difficult when it is dictated!' When I wrote my poem, it was the same mystery. I finished the work in less than half an hour, sent my poetry to organizers of the competition, and began to wait for a response. It was the beginning of February when I received a letter. My poem was selected for publishing. Of course, this news made me happy, but, at the same time, I was afraid. What if it is some mistake? What if the organizers will change their mind? What if there will arise some problems with publishing? Oh, there were so much different ‘what ifs' that I could not believe in my happiness. However, there were not any mistakes or problems, and the book with no less poetic title than its poetry ‘The Poetry Inspired by a Woman' was released as planned with my poem ‘A Woman in Love is Beautiful' printed on its pages. Maybe it is a proof that we live in the 21st century that, while my book was delivered to me, I had already known what to post on my page on a social network after receiving it. ‘A little of bravery and very much inspiration, excitement while waiting for a letter from a publishing house and sudden joy when at last I received a wishful message on my e-mail, then – some time while a book was being published, still quite a bit of waiting for the delivery by “Ukrposhta”… And here it is. Happiness. The book that contains my poem… Once again, I was made sure that the main is to believe in a dream and to have bravery for venturing to realize it,' with these words, I shared the happiness with my friends. I thanked to everybody who believed in me. ‘The happiness is worth to be dreamt about it,' there was a conclusion. It is my story. An ordinary book became a wonder for me. Thanks to this happenstance, I really found the faith in my work. Writing was not my profession, but, after this first publication, I remembered about my pending novel and finished it. I do that I love and I love that I do. Probably every reader has his favorite books that are in some way special for him. At the same time, every book means something for its author. No matter how large the publication is – it is a poem in a collection or a whole novel – it is not just some pages with a cover, but it is something of much more importance. Inspiration, ideas, work, excitement, joy – all of these stands behind every page with text printed on it. After all, there is a prize – an amazing feeling when printing ink сovers pages and a new book is born. Is it not a miracle for both readers and authors? I think it is. An idea of an author through a publishing house comes to a reader. A book is a microcosmos that is wonderful. A book is a special guest that brings inspiration to someone's life. A book is a dream – a dream that from some moment can be read.

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