I am going to apply for girls!

馃敄I AM GOING TO APPLY FOR GIRLS! Malala obtained Nobel Award at the Age of seventeen. Billie Eilish deserved "Word Domination" at the Age of eightteen. She acquired dice GRAMMY awards at the same time. Madison Beer released her own famaous alb眉m to the whole World at the Age of seventeen. Gigi Hadid was proclaimed as" The best model of a year" at the Age of 21. Charlie d'Amelio Is sixteen years old now. Achieving one hundred one million followers on Tik Tok, she has taken a name"The Queen of Tik Tok" Greta Thunberg was known araund the World as "Social activist" for her speech abaut "Environmental problems and the changing pf climate" at the UN. Emma Watson was popular with the role "Hermiona" all over the world at the Age of 13. So, what abaut you? You are over fifteen, bit you can始t go to only a shop to buy bread in your own, can you? You haven始t any goal, except, entering the university , so After doing this you think "I have achieved eyerything" and stop, right? When you are teenager , if any guy tells you his love, you have broken down and have thought "He loves me", have absorbed feelings early, haven始t you? Well, maybe I am not right , my these words don始t belong you. Probably, you have exact aims, however you are afraid pf that your parents per family never understand your Dreams. Maybe, you are afraid pf swimming against the flow! Maybe, you have lost your interests to life Think "Nobody understand me" , stay in your room all dayy ,perhaps cry. Never forget this, however, you don始t appropriate this kind of Life ! You were not born for crying, being offended, being disappointed by someone else. So please , STOP! Stop making drama, stop trying ti make people like you. Stop to say "Ok, I agree"ti other individuals始 decisions abaut your Life. Stop thinking abaut your past! Stop searching lackness from your body, face, hair , your clothes. Stop saying "I始m thin or plumb, I始m tall or short, I始m pale or black. You needn始t change your Configuration. You are attractive, you are gorgeous! You are only ONE! Other "YOU" is not exist in the World. Begin loving and respecting yourself. Don始t follow people, be after your aspirations! Learn to say "No" Learn protect yourself. Train with sport. Be busy. Try to be positive. Recall yourself that the Sims will Shine one day, everything Will be great! You were born to change the World. We are not so stupid that live and die in common Life. Consider about something for society for the World. Of course, one day, people Will proud pf you. Every who be against you will regret! You are strong! Believe yourself! You are beautiful so much! I love you! 馃摎 Zulfiyakhonim Beshimova

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