This year, we all are facing something we didn't even think about. A very unnamed and destructive living character came into existence this year. The whole world has faced its destruction and named it as CORONA virus emerged from China and did a world tour without having any visa and passport. The impact of this virus is irredeemable. And this virus bound us to live in home quarantine. This situation made us realize a need of proper lockdown and home quarantine system. From here, my story of home quarantine begins- In INDIA, due to this virus a very prolonged lockdown started. My quarantine life was also like everyone else's just to stay at home, do nothing and pass my time. Initially, I was quite happy that for some days I didn't have to go anywhere. I was very excited because I had just completed my 10th exam and was indeed free from studies. I started my first day of lockdown or home quarantine with waking up late in the morning, getting fresh and having my breakfast. I passed my day watching Netflix movies or series, playing online games, listening music and having fun. I passed two or three more days like that but after that my boring passage of time started because I was getting fed up with my daily routines. There is a phrase in hindi “Khali dimag saitaan ka ghar” in English it means “Empty mind devil's house” according to this phrase, Some mischievous work occurred in my brain and we prepared to make Pani puri an Indian street dish but that enraged my mom a lot because of the mess we made. After that I was not allowed to enter in the kitchen. I was left with two bedrooms, a small corridor and bathroom where I could roam. At first, I was thinking about a few days of lockdown but it turned into few months of lockdown. I actually passed about two and a half months staying at home. We made a lot of efforts to go to our hometown and finally we got pass to move for about 3 hours amid the situation out there and moved to our hometown for about a month. I really enjoyed a lot with my three cousin brothers and my brother. We learnt how to make Idli sambhar a south Indian dish with the help of youtube and we were quiet successful because that was so delicious. We used to watch a lot of movies like series of Harry Potter, Zero dark thirty, The mask and many more. After so many years, I watched horror movies one after another. I watched Amityville house and The possession of Hannah grace but I didn't find it that much scaring but the fact is I watched about half part of the movie closing my eye. But the next day, I watched The conjuring and I was very scared the whole day. That night, I got scared when my brother waved his blanket over me because only that ghost look was moving in my head. But you can say I am that much stubborn that instead of all that scary feeling I watched Conjuring 2 the next day. And that look of ghost Valak haunted me for weeks and I have once again decided not to watch horror movies. Again, after a month or so we moved to our place and lived about two more weeks in home quarantine. And I realized that my father has very much patience because no one can believe that he passed his whole lockdown watching Corona updates on news. I believe that we should know what is going on in the world but that much would drive someone insane but hats off for my father. But this lockdown had some positive impact on environment. Nature of many parts of India improved because we were not going out that proves that we have spoiled our nature and we are the one who is facing its consequences. Instead of positive I noticed psychology of most of the Indians. I have mentioned myself stubborn above but I think I am not that much because people in India were again and again breaking lockdown and our police officers had to make efforts to make them stay at home. It proves whether the most of the people are not aware of the situation or they want to spread this virus. After that much attempt the commencement of Unlock 1 announced. But ending of lockdown does not mean that corona has stopped its spreading. Instead of unlock we are getting out when it is necessary because we are the only ones who can keep our immunity strong and be safe. Here comes the end of my story with the pray that our world will get rid of this problem very soon and we will again be free to visit any place we want instead of fear of corona spreading. And god will support us with every possible ways.

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