Life in quarantine

The whole world's problem is the virus today. The virus was detected in the last months of 2019. The number of people infected with the virus has increased. Many states have announced quarantine rules and curfews in their countries. The death toll was rising. There were almost no cases of viral infection. But in Italy and Spain the situation was dire. Over time,the situation in these countries began to soften. But today the situation in the United States is very turbulent. The situation in other countries is also very dangerous. In the example of these countries, my homeland is Uzbekistan. The first case in Uzbekistan was revealed on March 15. All educational institutions,firms, shops and other establishments have been closed since the day the virus was detected. Strict quarantine rules have been introduced in Uzbekistan.I didn't know,when I heard the virus was detected,I felt a different feeling. But it was not fear. It was some kind of peculiar feeling.Everyone was depressed, then busy thinking about what would happen.I was upset at the time because the schools were closed at the time.I knew I would miss my classmates,my friends, my dear teachers,my school.The disease began to increase,but the mortality rate was low.This is a reason to be happy.During quarantine,everyone is busy with all sorts of things,activities,online clubs.But quarantine also has its advantages.I missed talking to my family,reading books,watching movies together.But on the one hand,what bothered me was that my father was not with us now.I even miss him sometimes and cry.The virus has its own benefits in addition to quarantine.Due to quarantine,the movement of many factories,enterprises and even cars has decreased.In recent years,toxic gases emitted from factories have caused great damage to the atmosphere.Currently,such cases are declining.A small number,but it's bigger than we thought.The environment is improving.But with the advent of the virus,the whole world recovered,as if the world had fallen asleep.The virus is not a dangerous disease.We can defeat this virus together with people all over the world,but it takes a lot of effort and we are working on it.All state scientists are working tirelessly to prevent the virus.The virus cannot be completely eradicated.Only the spread of the virus can be prevented.There is no need to be afraid of coronavirus.It will also be on the usual flu list when the time comes.But the victims,the victims,the victims. It's not easy to think about that,unfortunately,it's not about people's loved ones and sharing their grief.I have a good time in quarantine,but I miss my friends and relatives.But when I miss it,I keep talking to my friends on my cell phone.I also chat on social media.Despite the quarantine, there is no boredom.For example,I sewed a few shirts for myself.I am no less than any designer.I tried to cook from different dishes and salads of different nationalities.The most fun process was making the pizza.Best of all,we prepared it with my family.Our pizza was amazing.The taste turned out very tasty.Then I felt something.Everything done with the family will be amazing I also read fiction.I finished a work of art in 4 days,and as I read I feel like I'm playing the role of every hero.But it was a very impressive job.Frankly,I cried even as I read the piece.I still don't know if this is the protagonists of the work or if life has its own trials.I am very interested in a foreign languageI am very interested in Korean.I am preparing myself independently.All of this could also be the path to my dream.Either way,I will make my dream come true,no one and nothing can stand in that way.Because it's not just one person's dream.In addition,various online Olympiads are organized in our country.All young people are testing their knowledge,including me.For some reason I am never satisfied with my results.I try to be better even if it is a good result.I love music so much.If I don't listen to music one day,I won't be in a good mood.For example, I am currently writing an essay and listening to music.Music has become a part of my life.Music is also very useful for foreign language learners.I love listening to songs in more English and Korean.I think life in quarantine is very interesting and sad. Interestingly, you try to do things you didn't do.For example, you discover food, clothing, and undiscovered talents.Most importantly, you spend time with your family.Unfortunately, the lives of doctors and police officers are in danger.They are fighting for our lives, risking their lives for the peace of our Motherland.They work day and night.They can't even go to the side of their families and children for 1-2 months.No matter how much we bow to the selfless people of our country, it is not enough.In short, let's value life.These people are fighting the virus for us, let's be at home for them and for ourselves.How many trials have we faced.But we are going through all the tests.We will defeat this virus together...

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