Quarantine During COVID-19: Homeschooling activities

Coronavirus, a virus which at the very beginning was found in China spread all over the world in the start of 2020 and still going on impacting all kinds of actions human beings used to take in their daily life. These actions include transport, trade meetings, etc. In Rwanda like elsewhere on the world, conditions were established to ensure the spread is limited. On the grounds, schools closed leading most children experience remote learning just being at home. Consequently, I had to leave Kepler campus where I was staying doing my bachelors' in communication from Southern New Hampshire, I was obliged to go home and study from there. Like all other students, I just starting working on my academic works from home without instructors' direct; and, this was common. This happened from mid-March 2020 –May 2020. Conditions were loosening and movement and work were allowed observing conditions set by the government. Now, for me specifically, things got even worse. COVID-19 new cases were later found in my village Kamabuye which is found in Kicukiro district. We were taken back to quarantine as an entire village, so sad and annoyed. This time, sounded both worse and better to me in regard to usual life and academic work as well as professional growth. Actually, before localized quarantine, people were allowed some limited movements making sure they wear face masks, keep the set hours to live street, and so forth. However, for the lockdown given to us, all was prohibited. It was a full lockdown of staying home. I felt annoyed, tired and sad of staying home without even going out for relaxation. Policemen were seriously guarding and none could try going out. Get me, I didn't want to go out to spread the virus but felt needing to go out for relaxation. However, all was prohibited. This was the downside of the quarantine but I am glad that personally, I was able to abide by the set rules making me prevent myself from contamination as well as avoiding spreading the pandemic. On the other hand, this period was helpful to me. Not only did this period helped me avoid being contaminated and related risks, but also helped me have new experiences, develop a sense of independence, self-control and ability to work online. Truly, I have never achieved invaluably like I did during the period of the quarantine. Staying home for a month period without any outside movements became my reason to focus on my academic work. Additionally, I worked on improving and building my best self through developing different characters that really build up successful people, equipped myself with news skills and experiences. To detail, in terms of academic work, I conducted research on how to study best while at home, how to avoid stress and techniques to avoid procrastination. After researching, I started just by planning all my day which would be composed of waking up, doing some housework, working on class work, doing sport around the house and then chatting with friends. So, I would then make sure the plan is well followed keeping in mind the deadlines. Doing this, for real, gave me strength and I would work on things more than I planned. Probably, it contributed 30% on the degree that I have recently obtained. Similarly, as I could keep searching tips to help me, inspirations came in and I started doing blogging. Actually, I am interested in writing as I usually write short stories for children but from this period, the inspiration grew bigger. I started blogging about the life we live and things that can help us succeed. Blogging was a new experience to me. I have never done this before. This was very important to me in the ways that it even more pushed me to research and study different life matters to get ideas to write about. From doing this, I would discover some great characters making people successful from which I value most being ‘flexible'. I learnt that we need to be flexible with ourselves and situations we undergo. This is on the grounds that when we stay the way we were while situations have change, there will be a mismatch; it's how I found it. In a nutshell, the quarantine period was of course tiring due to strict rules that were set and I could feel exhausted just by staying home. However, it has been my time to improve myself, learn new skills from engaging in research, blogging and of course receiving feedback from my audience, replying to their asked questions in regard to posted topics. More invaluably, I learnt to plan successfully and follow my plan as successful people do. Therefore, from the quarantine, I realized that from any situations, there is a possibility. There is something to do no matter what bad the situation. All is needed is being flexible and change mind as things change. Moreover, I have realized that planning and follow your plans makes your goals smoothly achievable. Don't stay conservative while situations are changing.

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