One person's life in quarantine

My life was going normal. I welcomed a new 2020 year happily with my family. I thought this coming year would be full of unforgettable moments, nice days and the months that are full of events. The year started as usual. I was busy with my studies. I was used to go university every day and after studies I would be busy with shooting sport. My brother studies in China and one day he called to my mom and they talked a lot about the epidemic that was spreading in China. After that telephone conversation, the virus called Coronavirus has entered to my live. Till that day, I didn't know completely nothing about that virus. It felt like big changes would happen in my life soon. The epidemic became pandemic and this tiny invisible virus reached to every country in the world. In March, the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in my country. All the educational institutions in my country were closed for quarantine. Boring days started in my life. No university, no sport it was like a bad dream I was having. Human beings are adaptive to new changes and days after days not only me but other people also adapted to this quarantine life. I started doing sport at home to keep fit and continued studying in distance. The worst thing here is my father is a doctor and my mom is a nurse. They will have to face the virus every moment because of their job. They don't afraid of being infected by virus but they are afraid of us from their children. My current days are passing in this way. I tried to share how one girl is living in this lockdown. My thought about a new year was colorful but the real one is consists of only quarantine, Covid-19, pandemic and that's it. I hope that after this dark, long night, the sun will shine and fills our life with bright lights.


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