Coronavirus is a test given to us.

Since coronavirus was registered in 18 March for the first time in my country our government had to declare QUARANTINE. After that walking wihout mask or going out without any cause were forbidden. Doctors emphasized that people should follow hygienic rules and STAY AT HOME!!! The world was not ready for this and also people had to stay at home. But, most people realised that they have missed too many happy moments by now and because of quarantine they have so much time to spend with their family. Therefore, I believe that the quarantine changed most people`s life because they started to love their family life. As family not only consists of members like father, mother or children, but also, happiness. Besides, the quarantine gave us a chance to spend more time, to debate and play games more with our siblings and to find out our faults which did not let us forgive our siblings mistakes, alhamdulillah. As long as we have so much time and internet mg we can do anything online. So, we can go travelling, play games, watch soap operas, learn new cooking methods, even work online. And also, it is really easy to control our children at home. But, it is a bit more difficult to explain how coronavirus is dangerous for our health to young children, as they are too enhusiastic and interested in anything and also they enjoy doing forbidden things. But, fortunately, because of doctors` warning and psychologists, now, anybody even young children can understand that they should stay at home. That`s why I think that coronavirus is not our catastrophe but our opportunity for learning ANYTHING that we have not learnt before. So, I took this opportunity to learn English. The learning Enlish process was not so easy. But, if you want to do something you can do anything. So, now I can teach biology in English and this essay is my first work in English.


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