The impact of COvid 19 on the life of Uzbekistan.

Covid 19 is a disease that occurred in December 2019 in Wuhan Province, China. Today, it has spread all over the world. Today β€” 11 267 309 Healed β€” 6 059 565 Died β€”540 342 (07.07.2020) Unfortunately, Covid 19 did not bypass Uzbekistan either. In March 2020, a pandemic began in Uzbekistan. As a result, political and economic development in Uzbekistan has begun to decline. 1. The employment rate in the social field has increased slightly. The share of households decreased to 40% in March. From April to May, it increased from 43% to 58%. 2. Due to the attention paid to the agricultural sector, food and agricultural production have increased. 3. State aid: Since the emergence of Covid 19, the state has provided its assistance to 9% of the population. 4. In the field of education: Despite the closure of all schools in March, 97% of school-age children attended online lessons. The main part of education was conducted on television. 5. In the field of living standards: changes between people - wearing a mask (95%), reduced visits to family and friends (84%), often hand washing (83%), greetings (82%), social distance (72%), quarantine (19%). 6. During the pandemic, fruit and vegetable production and livestock production doubled and were distributed free of charge by the state to the needy. All this testifies to the correct policy pursued by the state. During the pandemic, the population made a significant contribution to the decline of living standards and the prevention of poverty. At the same time, the robustness of quarantine has increased the incidence of disease. Due to the level of knowledge and love of the profession of doctors in the field of medicine, the disease was overcome and the number of deaths was low. In this area, Uzbekistan is one of the leading countries in terms of low mortality. Today, the number of patients with Covid 19 is 10,362, of which the number of cured is 6,690 64%, and the number of deaths is 37%. (7.07.2020) The biggest negative impact of Covid 19 for Muslim states was the closure of these mosques. But after 80 days of quarantine, mosques were opened in areas where the disease was rare. (confirming to quarantine) The pandemic united us under different slogans: "Birmiz, birgamiz" (We are together) , "Birgalikda yengamiz" (We will overcome together) , "Birgalikda katta kuchmiz" ( We are a great force together) and the main is "Uyda qoling" (Stay home). The whole world, including us Uzbeks, will fight this virus together


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