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I'm who you call a fun loving goofy nerd, whose passion for writing is what encourages her to remember that the world is not as bad as it seems and all one needs is that little light in the tunnel to brighten up your years.

Writing is second nature to me just like singing is, and i wouldn't trade it for another talent. I love my stories and i know you will once you check them out on wattpad (p.s: I finally got the courage to put my books online and its coming out well). Dont forget that books are the key to a great mind and thats what we writers are given the talent to create.

Love yall

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The thief in the dark

Aug 17, 2020 3 years ago

I had just a chance to make this work, and I failed. I couldn't stop the tears as they flowed down my cheeks. I couldn't believe she was gone and I was all alone. Sitting there on the floor of the hospital, my mind went back to the past three months when my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I tried everything I could to raise money cause I believed that I could do something to help but no doctor was willing to help after all a deadly pandemic had just gone viral and a cure was yet to be discovered. All I could hope for in a hole of darkness was light at the end of the tunnel. Our family doctor, Mrs Astrich had already told me that the only thing I could do was make her happy and comfortable as she spent her last few months with me but I rebuked her words because my sister was my everything, the only person I had left to call family. I began working multiple jobs and even entered a contest to raise the money but there's wasn't so much I could get on such short notice. It was a cold Wednesday when I walked in to find her private room empty. I called out to the nurse who rushed in to inform me that the patients on that wing had caught a hold of the covid-19 virus. A deadly illness spread life wild fire throughout the globe, that shuts down your immune system rendering you defenseless to other minute illnesses. I couldn't believe my ears. My head began aching as I clutched my chest due to the unexplainable pain from my shattered heart. So many questions ran through my mind. How was she going to survive it? Or was this really the end of the tunnel? No light around, just gross darkness? The nurse led me to the isolation center where they had been moved to. I gazed at her from outside the confinement chamber. I couldn't even recognize her anymore. Her beautiful brown skin turning grey, her eyes sullen into the sockets,she looked like a ghost of her previous self. I wished I could go in and give her a hug and reassure her that it'll be ok like she did me all those years ago after mum died. Her eyes met mine and she tried to give a small smile to encourage me that she was fine. Every memory of times we spent together flooded through my head and I wish I had listened and moved her home to enjoy the last months of her life cause if I had she won't be here dying like this. After Dr Astrich explained that right now they couldn't try chemo or any therapy because of the covid-19 illness we just have to get ready to let her go. I nodded quietly as tears rolled down my cheeks. It seemed like the world had turned its back on me. Sitting on the floor with the flask of her favourite dish, seeing her wheeled to the mortuary I was sad beyond measure. Now I knew the rumours about the illness were true, like a thief in the dark it had taken the only thing I truly cared about.


10 dental helps for good living

Aug 15, 2020 3 years ago

1)Brush you teeth properly minimum of two minutes and wash tongue properly 2)Your toothbrush matters Always keep it clean. After use rasineproperly and allow to dry 3)flux use After meals always flux 4)Stop smoking 5)use the right dental products if possible visit a dentist to get one that works for you 6)Take lots of water 7)fortify tour body with teeth friendly nutrients 8)Reduce intake of some beverages like coffee which changes teeth colour 9)Avoid late night snacking 10) make dental care a routine Always go for checkups at your nearest dental clinic at least two times in three months.

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Keep smiling

Aug 14, 2020 3 years ago

Today I couldn't stop smiling. You wanna guess why? Well you can say that I woke up on the right side of my bed or that I'm meeting a potential client who wants to invest in my work. As a fictional writer , I have met a lot of people who are good and it's a buzz kill especially when your sponsors tell you they have fresh talent off the boat to recruit. But today is great, and that's because I got a deal with a new sponsor. I guess I can only hope that he is bedazzled by my skills and after I'm going shopping. The weather's been getting bad but I know I'll get through it. My only consolation is that I can make it, no matter the hurdles life throws me. That's why, I KEEP SMILING 😊

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The joy of the first gift

Jul 30, 2020 3 years ago

Well, no one really understands how things are right now for me I'm broke, hungry, cold and exhausted. My comfort, coffee, yet no home to live in. But the one thing I have with me that doesn't grow weary, is the strength within that when brought out, calms the fiercest storms. I will win a prize tomorrow. One that I'll be proud of My first prize. Until then, adiós amigo and pray for my success.

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Jul 22, 2020 3 years ago

Hannah-Grace was always different. She was peculiar. She wasn't like your normal story character, do you know why? Because she was an African outcast. It was rumoured in her village that her mother was a slut and her father a thief. She didn't have anything good to hold onto but she chose to be different and move past her parents vile reputation and become the best of it. In Africa, children like her were always looked down upon because society believed she had nothing to offer. Going to school was worse because she was picked on by not only her peers but her teachers also, all except one. Mrs Ibitunde. An African woman from the well known Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. She saw a girl with lots of potential and wasn't afraid to let others know how much that child was worth. Hannah felt love for the first time the day Mrs Ibitunde came to her defence after being welcomed into their class as their new economics teacher. The other students had mocked her when a question was asked in class and she answered correctly before the teacher could affirm her answer. She was expecting Mrs Ibitunde to be like the other teachers and mock her as well, rather she scolded the students and told them she was correct and gave a rule that anyone caught mocking any student in her class would be punished. That was when she knew Mrs Ibitunde was different from the other teachers. She smiled at the considerate woman before her. That was how there bond grew, strengthening the little girl. One day as they walked back home together as they had begun doing after that incident, Mrs Ibitunde asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she happily replied that she wanted to be an Economist. That she wanted to be like Mrs Ngozi Okoji-Iweala. The greatest economist Nigeria had had. Mrs Ibitunde smiled at her enthusiastic answer and told her about a university far from Africa. The great University of Amsterdam. Hannah smiled and said she couldn't go because her parents barely even give her money to add to what she makes from hawking water on the streets for schooling. Mrs Ibitunde smiled and explained that she could go if she got a scholarship. That was how plans began to be put in place and studying was set into a different pace. Hannah wanted to prove to everyone and herself that she wasn't a victim as the world looked upon her as. She was bigger than that. Her new found confidence put a step in her stride and a constant smile in her face which confused not only her peers and teachers who picked on her but also everyone in their community who looked down upon her because of who her parents were. The day of the scholarship exam came sooner than she expected and she felt nervous despite the constant words of encouragement Mrs Ibitunde whispered to her as they journeyed to the scholarship center where she would write the exam. She did her best as she promised herself she would, and give it her everything. Few weeks after the exam Mrs Ibitunde called her to her office and gave her the bad news. She wasn't chosen because she was African and she was from a rural community which no one recognised. She was devastated. She cried for days but then suddenly came out of that despair and told Mrs Ibitunde that she wanted to retake the exam. Luckily for her , these scholarship exams came four times a year. She had partaken in the first one, she studied harder and worked more to raise the money for the registration. Taking the exam for the second time she prayed for good news this time. Yet to her disappointment, she still didn't make it because of a controversy about her skin colour and her background. Not losing hope she wrote the third time and still wasn't listed. Mrs Ibitunde never having seen that kind of determination in a child mistreated and looked down upon so much. A child born after the 2020 pandemic. Even in a country still suffering from the economic meltdown due to the pandemic,Hannah worked hard to be exceptional. Mrs Ibitunde wrote to the university of Amsterdam as an alumni requesting sponsorship for Hannah's education. Hannah was just coming back from the market after a stressful day of selling water when she sites Mrs Ibitunde and ran to welcome her. Her joy knew no bounds, as Mrs Ibitunde hands her the letter she had lost hope of seeing. Mrs Ibitunde explained to her how the letter came about and encouraged her to chase her dreams. It's been ten years since that day, and she couldn't help but smile as she remembered her journey. Looking at her children play with her husband she remembered why she changed her name to hope, because that was what brought her through. HOPE.



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